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Our mission is to provide families with psychological, moral and spiritual support. We have a free Grief Psychotherapy Service for adults, adolescents and children who have a family with terminal illness or who have suffered the loss of a loved one and are going through psychological grief that is the process that follows the Loss of a loved one.

We are here professional men and women, united in mercy, love, compassion, education. To tell you, you are not alone. We want restored families. Who wish to get ahead with love, effort, with the help of God and the team of professionals A Heart of Hope! Saving Lives !. Restoring Families.

Our staff and volunteers will be available to provide personal advice and guidance on related matters. The loss of a loved one is definitive, or a state of terminal illness, but it is also possible to grieve without being involved in death, such as: the rupture of a relationship, illness, the involuntary absence of a loved one, etc. Direct response education and support services to families who need this help.

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